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Our company is a member of The Home Video Studio TAKEONE NETWORK a nationwide network of professional video services companies and is associated with Robert Hanley, president and founder of Home Video Studio, Inc. and an award-winning producer-director who has set our high standards. We pledge to you to always strive to meet and exceed those standards. Our goal is to provide quality video products and services with unmatched customer service.

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Home Video Transfer Info and Pricing

16mm film, 8MM film, Super 8mm film transfer

Sizes of Home Movie Film






Viewing Time

Super 8mm




2 min./55 sec




11 min./40 sec.




23 min./20 sec.

Regular 8mm




3 min./15 sec.




13 min./02 sec.




26 min./02 sec.





11 min.


Same day, Express, Night & Weekend service.

FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY of your Atlanta Georgia Home Movie Transfer!




Home Movie Set-Up Charge


8mm Film

.14 Per Foot

16MM Film

.14 Per Foot

Master VHS Tape


Master DVD* (w/digital tape backup)



$10.00 Per Title

Custom Music


One Copy


2 to 4 Copies


5 to 10 Copies


Minimum Film Order*


* 1 DVD master is needed for every 60 minutes

A Confusing Little Box
Years ago, you would purchase regular 8mm film in 25 foot, double 8mm lengths. After they were processed, these reels were returned to you in their original boxes...as 50 foot reels. There are no 25 foot film tape reels!.

Films in Cartridges
Some movie films are in self-contained cartridges. We CAN transfer these; however, you will be charged $3.00 for each reel submitted. Note: These reels will be broken open and discarded. Your films will be put on regular movie film reels and returned back to you with your videotape.

·  All of your original films will be returned with your new video transfer tape.

·  We use only top quality, T-120 (2 hour) professional grade  video tape. We record in the standard play mode.

·  You can return your video transfer tape to have more material added if there is room remaining on the tape.


Videotape Time Length Guide

If you have...

You'll Need This Many Video Tapes...

Regular 8mm










up to 1,800 ft.


1,800-3,600 ft.


3,600-5,400 ft.


5,400-7,200 ft.

Super 8mm


up to 2,000 ft.


2,000-4,000 ft.


4,000-6,000 ft.





up to 4,000




8,000-12,000 ft.


12,000-16,000 ft.



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